Creativity and eliminating toxicity

By December 30, 2015 January 17th, 2017 No Comments

Heavy metals, excess acidity, and toxins all contribute to physical toxicity. As we grow older, the accumulation builds within us and we become less and less able to cope with it.

Reducing accumulated toxicity is the first step to recovering our physical health. As for our attitude and spirit, the good news is that we can also change those for the better.

Our greatest gift is creativity. By focusing daily on what does work in our lives, we can expand our lives by using our own talents, abilities, and strengths to do daily what helps us feel better about ourselves and our life choices.

When we choose to consciously create our lives, as Practical Optimists, all kinds of benefits spring into action. The best thing is how we feel! When we are up and positive, we radiate good energy!

When we send out good energy through doing our favourite activities, we create a positive atmosphere and discourage stress, causing the same feeling tone to be generated back to us.

Let the Law of Attraction work in your favour. Let the people, who are encouraging by nature and supportive of action, support you. Associate with people that make you feel good by their positive energy!

You need to be sunny inside to experience a feeling of a sunny outside. The creative energy of life is inside you. The better you feel, the more you will experience positivity in all aspects of your life. Toxicity, on all levels, causes heaviness. Both physically and attitudinally, it has a draining effect on us all.

As you consciously de-clutter your life of your own toxic thoughts, feelings, and internal poisons, you begin to feel good again. Refresh yourself by letting go of all negativity. Choose to stop holding yourself back by getting bogged down with your own negative thoughts and feelings.

Celebrate your life, reward yourself by creating good health first and then, from this strength, all in your life will elevate from there. Express your appreciation to your body for taking care of you, by taking care of it.

Sit in nature and listen to the birds. Go visit your friends, eat healthy and enjoy. Laughter is the best medicine. All these you will find refreshing and help pull you back. Create what you like on every level in all areas of your life, for the positive results to show up everywhere in your life.

Let go of clutter and heaviness.

Use creativity to build lightness both inside and out, and lift your spirits and your attitude as well!