Does toxicity accelerate aging?

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Don’t these symptoms sound familiar, when we refer to old age?

… mental confusion, loss of short-term memory, headaches, vision problems, food intolerances, pain in muscles and joints, chronic fatigue, vision problems, gastrointestinal upsets, and food intolerances or allergies.

In fact, all of these symptoms are also typical of heavy metal toxicity.more

What is our normal life expectancy?
There is chronological age and then there is biological age.

Your body is designed biologically to live to 120. The reason why you don’t live that long is because of genetics, environment, and the extent to which you help your body handle the various health issues that confront you.

We can’t change our parents, we have limited control over our environment but we do have control over how we handle various health challenges. These include our diet, lifestyle, stress management, and accumulation of excess acids, heavy metals, and toxins.

What is your chronological age now? Is your body aging faster or slower than people who are the same chronological age as you? What enables us to live a long time may be more under your control than you may imagine. Factors that slow or accelerate the aging process are hidden within your cells, the building blocks of every part of your body.

Your cells
Your rate of aging is directly related to how well your cells are functioning. Science has now linked the aging process to 33% genetic factors … and 67% environmental influences.  It is estimated that 70-90% of health care costs are consumed by degenerative diseases (which, by definition, are disorders as a result of getting older).

Your wellness is enormously affected by the volume of toxic chemicals and heavy metals inside your cells. Illness and degenerative diseases are greatly influenced by the extent to which these chemicals and heavy metals are damaging your cells, glands, and organs. What drains your energy most is the level of toxicity you are having to cope with in your body. How much of your energy is being drained just to stay alive?

“Heavy metals can explain most of the previous unknown origins of disease. The intelligence of your body tries to protect you from these harmful toxic substances by storing them in your cells to remove them from circulation. Your body stores heavy metals because it cannot neutralize them.” Dr. Joseph Hickey, MD

Toxic substances in your cells are speeding up your aging process. That is why we are seeing children at age 2 having rheumatoid arthritis, a senior citizen’s disease. Children are being born now with an average of 287 toxic chemicals.

Looking back, we are able to identify that our average age span in ancient Rome was only around 22. By mid-1800’s, this has increased to around 43. In most countries today, it has averaged to 70-80. Yet living longer is not as important as living free from disease.

Are you absorbing what your cells need at 10% or 100%? Some people are so congested with toxic substances that their cells are not able to absorb vital nutrients. Only when cells are freed from poisonous waste substances can they absorb what they need to create energy, heal, and repair.

Your longevity depends on your body’s ability to rejuvenate. Your quality of life equals your cells ability to function properly.

“When we are damaged from chronic exposure to environmental pollution, restoring body function, organs, and systems can be accomplished by detoxification.” Dr. Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, MRO

Bouncing back
Cellular energy is the key to living well, healthy, and for longer periods of time. How often have you seen the life-force ebbing out of someone, to hear them say, “I am so tired”? That tiredness derives from unhealthy and deficient cells.

Degenerative diseases speed up the aging process in the body. Underlying these diseases are infectious agents and microbes (viruses, bacteria, and fungus), poisonous chemicals, acids, and heavy metals.

Restoration occurs when the human body is cleared of the life accumulation of toxic substances. It is a wonder to see how brilliant our bodies are at rejuvenating! We are designed, at the DNA level, to live a long and healthy life. To do this, our body’s one essential requirement is clean cells.

“The #1 cause of a disease is the accumulation of unnecessary wastes that are not properly eliminated, resulting in poison retention and accumulation and subsequent health problems. Your body was designed to support optimal function. Given the proper environment, your body has the power to heal and return to its normal healthy state.”  Elson Haas, M.D.

To increase energy and wellness, to slow down the aging process, and to advance your body’s amazing ability to rejuvenate, require a clean, internal environment that promotes healing.

The greatest joy is watching the health of a loved one begin to flourish again. Experiencing vibrancy return is so rewarding, in so many ways.

With our health, we can be so much more effective in all we do and live a long, healthy, and meaningful life because of it.

We don’t have to let toxicity accelerate our aging.