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EMFs- what can be done?

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Why do “heavy metals” worsen the effect of external EMFs?
Researchers have discovered that microorganisms tend to take hold in body areas harbouring the highest toxic metal load.

Due to environmental exposure, diet, lifestyle, and existing genetic conditions, on average we are accumulating more metals in our bodies than ever before. In a health context, these are referred to as “heavy” metals, particularly if they have a toxic, or poisonous, effect on the body. According to Dr. Joseph Hickey, “Heavy metals explain most of the previous origins of disease. Your body stores them because it cannot neutralize them.”

If you wanted to attract wireless signals, you would need an antenna. An antenna intercepts some of the power of an electromagnetic wave in order to produce an electrical current. Among the best metals to build an antenna are copper, aluminum, calcium, tungsten, zinc, nickel, or iron.

Now, if you have accumulated enough of one or a combination of these metals in your body then you become a natural antenna and become more susceptible and affected by external EMFs.

The absolute fact is that we are a living antenna – sending and receiving information. It is now easy to understand how the heavy metals in our body can amplify symptoms.  We are more susceptible to receive harmful radiation from cell phones, cell towers, etc., due to our level of toxicity in heavy metals”. – Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP.

Heavy metal toxicity may be one of the most significant issues in relation to electromagnetic toxicity. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s research shows that the more your system is contaminated with heavy metals from silver amalgam fillings, eating contaminated fish, living downstream from coal burning power plants and so forth, the more your body becomes a virtual antenna that actually concentrates radiation, making it far more destructive.

With more electromagnetic energy in our environment than ever before, there is increased concern about what is safe for normal, healthy people. This safety concern is much higher for a growing segment of the population particularly sensitive to changes in our environment.

What can be done to protect us?
Good question. The technology industry is one of the largest in the world. Governments do not have a history of stepping in very quickly to protect the consumer, particularly against very powerful organizations who employ a lot of people, are well-funded, and are adept in political lobbying.

There has been some success in the law courts:

In October 2012, an Italian court ruled that there was a link between the use of mobile and cordless phones and tumors, based on the testimony of Professor Lennart Hardell, MD, of Orebro University Hospital in Sweden. According to the brain tumour specialist, “The evidence for risks from prolonged cell phone and cordless phone use is quite strong. For people who have used them for 10 years or longer, mainly on one side of the head, the risk of malignant brain tumor is doubled for adults and is even higher for persons with first use before age 20.

Attempts to appeal the ruling were rejected, the supreme court upholding the court’s ruling as being justified with credible scientific evidence to support it. (For more details see Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.)

I remember walking into our local library and seeing a librarian helping someone to their feet. This woman had collapsed because she was so sensitive to EMFs. Behind the librarian’s desk was a bank of computers where people went online. She explained, “I always do this when I get around too much electricity.” A commercial artist, she worked with stained glass windows. Her lead levels were very high and she had accumulated a high level of lead toxicity.

What can we do about it?
If you have heavy metals in your body, this increases your EMF sensitivity so it may be even more necessary to address this underlying problem. As stated by Dr. Lyn Hanshew, MD, “If the problem is toxicity, then the solution is detoxification.” A cleansing process is essential to reduce the current accumulation of heavy metals, biotoxins, and vulnerability so that you do not overwhelm your natural detoxification systems.

If you’re concerned about a possible EMF sensitivity or simply want to protect yourself against more harmful exposure, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Keep your cell phone and computer at a distance of at least 3 ft. whenever possible and limit your exposure by restricting use. Use a headset or speakerphone when taking calls, but avoid Bluetooth headsets, they have a metal antenna and therefore increase your brain’s vulnerability to EMFs. If you need to carry your phone on your person, switch it to the in-flight or offline mode when possible.

If you are worried about possible sources of external EMFs in your home then invest in a meter to determine where the potential problem areas are. It is especially important to keep the bedroom clear of EMFs. You can also purchase a variety of shielding solutions which claim to protect you from EMFs, some are reliable and others are not, so be sure to do your research.

So, as you can see, while government agencies continue to make up their minds about the harmful effects of EMFs, there are a number of measures you can take to reduce your exposure and decrease your toxicity.


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