Knowingly or unknowingly for your entire lifetime you have been in contact with various toxic, poisonous substances. There are many hidden sources that you may not be aware of. The toxicity that your great-grandparents were exposed to in their lifetimes is minimal compared to an ever-increasing volume of poisonous chemicals you have been exposed to and have absorbed in your lifetime.

The trouble with toxins

A study from the University of California, San Francisco found that a doubling of blood toxicity caused a 50 percent decrease in the number of eggs that are fertilized.

Many studies show that toxins mimic and block hormones.

Male sperm production and fertility are equally being affected by toxic chemicals interfering with their hormonal system. Toxins can interfere with your body’s normal functions in multiple ways.

… can begin before you are born

In 2004, the non-profit health and research organization, Working Environmental Group (EWG), carried out the Human Toxome Project (HTP).  Human tissues were examined for industrial chemicals that enter as pollution via food, air, water, or exposure to ingredients in everyday consumer products.

Their study found over 200 industrial chemicals in umbilical cords of newborn babies. Some of these infants, at birth, were six times more toxic than their mothers.

You can change what happens inside your body – your health depends on you. By living a health-creating lifestyle and limiting your exposure to toxins, you will experience a greater degree of wellness now and in the future.