Site navigation tips

This site consists of summary pages and detail pages. Summary pages are shown on the tabs, such as "Health", "Products", or "Solutions," etc. The detail pages are accessed through the summary pages.

"Breadcrumbs" at the top of each page tell you where you are on the website. For example, Home/Our Site, at the top of this page tells you that you are on the "Our Site" page and the next page up the hierarchy is the Home page.

This is a link (it turns blue to grey when you move your cursor over the link), and so you can go directly to the Home page by clicking on it.

You can travel through the whole site by "following the feet." Wherever you see the feet, just click on them, and they will take you to the next logical page.

At the top right of each screen of each blog post, just under the main menu bar, there a small box with "Search" in it. By entering a search term, you can list out all of the posts where this term has been used. Say, for example, you want to look for a health condition, such as "gout," just enter the term, and the site search engine will list out all of the posts where it has been used.

If you'd prefer to speak to me about questions you may have in mind, maybe about your own particular health condition, and you would like to find out more, you are welcome to just give me a call.