Simplicity and ease of use

Two polarized electrodes in the array create an electromagnetic field when placed in warm, salted water. The array is designed to operate precisely without the need for human monitoring or intervention. It is completely automatic. Simply switch on the system to initiate a session and then the array controller will alert you when the session is complete.

There are no dials, monitors, keypads, assembly, guess work, or any adjustments needed. Each session is completely automated for your benefit so you can fully relax and release.

Effectiveness, every time

The design incorporates merged technology with the drawing power of the double helix coil in each of the arrays; this assures effectiveness with every use. The PES System electrodes are in a thick, long, tightly bound double helix configuration. The electrodes, when stretched out, measure over 20 square inches in surface area.

The life of an array ends when the coils no longer function at 100%, thus ensuring top drawing capacity for each and every session.