With Platinum Energy Systems, the risk of operator error is eliminated. The automated safety controls, designed into the array itself, monitor, control, and automatically regulate the electricity levels for you. A feature of PES Systems, the array monitors the water in direct response to varying concentrations of sodium. The ability of the array to do this is what makes the PES array different from all other systems. It is completely automatic. There is no need for monitoring – the array does it for you – to ensure your complete safety.


Each session is equally effective in consistency and uniformity, whether you are using the first or the last session in an array. The value of each session is the same … 100%. This why you need a fewer number of sessions to receive optimal results, a benefit unique to PES Technologies.


Our arrays are designed to ensure that only consistent quality sessions can be performed throughout the life of an array. When the value diminishes, Platinum Energy Systems Technologies deactivate the array. In this way, no array can be used past its optimal level. This is what makes Platinum Energy Systems standardized sessions unique.

Each and every session with a PES System is a gentle, easy, and pleasant experience, whichever model you select:

PES1: Practitioner

PES1: Practitioner

Functionality and flexibility are provided with this model: array switch and sockets are located at the front, for providing sessions to others, and at the back for your own sessions.

This model includes a carrying case (see below), useful for portability.

PES2: Home User

PES2: Home UserThis system is designed for personal use – the array switch and sockets are located only at the back.

A carrying case (see below) is also included for those who wish to take the system with them when they travel.

Both professional and personal use PES Systems models share the same specially designed ergonomic design to accommodate even the largest feet.

The basins are lightweight and easy to carry. They only use a small amount of water – a practical consideration for emptying them at the end of each session.

There is a built-in footrest in the centre midline in each model for convenience – an important feature for those with limited mobility.

Carrying case

The specially-designed case ensures the easy storage and convenient portability of your PES System. It contains individual pockets for an array, power supply, cord, and several liners.

Complete with handle and shoulder strap, this lightweight carrying case is ideal for taking the system out of the office or home.