How can lemons help reduce toxicity?

By January 27, 2016 January 20th, 2017 No Comments

Lemons have specific compounds known as flavonoids and limonoids. These miraculous properties have been reported to kill cancer cells. They may be even 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy – they stop the formation and growth of cancer cells, chemically.

Lemons may even be able to kill cancer cells outright, with no negative side effects. You can always carry out some research of your own.
Every time you use a lemon, you may have never consumed these powerful compounds. Why not? Simply because they are found in the skin.

So here’s a way you can eat a whole lemon, including the skin:

Place some washed organic lemons in the freezer. At meal times, take one out – using a grater, add the whole lemon (not just the peel) to your dishes – this will bring a snappy taste to your food, just like the restaurants.

Lemon peel has more vitamins than the juice, so include peel in your daily diet as well. Even better, add lemon juice to water and drink a glass of lemon water every day – it’s can reduce toxicity and a great source of Vitamin C.

Adding the lemon’s natural healing and preventative properties is an excellent way to enhance the flavour of your meal.

An added bonus: the smell of lemons helps boost serotonin, your brain’s feel-good hormone, and reduces the levels of norepinephrine, the stress hormone. That’s why lemons are used as a mood enhancer in aromatherapy.

Your body will love the taste also!